How to choose Messenger bag

Time: 2017-12-07

How to choose Messenger bag

Message bag, also known as briefcase, is a narrow box-shaped bag, mainly used for storing paper and other documents. Lawyers often use message bags to store case files, merchants and other professionals who use it to store laptops and important documents.

The earliest message bag originated in the 14th century, when people took message bag to store money and valuables. At the time it was called "budget" and was a combination of the Latin words "bulga" and "bolg". Now, "budget" means "budget" in business.


How to judge the quality of the message bag to observe A man's message bag mainly depends on its structure design, materials, workmanship, volume and cost-effective. Structural Design message bag structural design is the most important, because it determines the practical package, durable, convenient, comfortable and many other aspects of performance. The function of the package is not better, the overall design should be simple and practical should not be fancy. Whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design of the carrying system. The carrying system usually consists of a strap, a waistband and a back pad. A comfortable bag should have a wider, thicker and adjustable strap, a waistband and a back pad, a back The pad is best to have perspiration ventilation slots. Materials include both fabric and components. Fabric should usually wear, tear, water and other characteristics. More popular with Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple canvas, leather and leather, PU leather simulation. Parts include waist buckles, all zipper, shoulder straps and chest strap fasteners, cover and package body fasteners, hook-and-loop fasteners, etc. These loop buckles are usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully fingered with your eyes a bit. Workmanship refers to the shoulder belt and bag body, between the fabric, cover and bag body, etc. The quality of the sewing process, to ensure the necessary solidity of stitching, the pin should not be too large, too loose. The volume is actually the size of the message bag. Should be based on the content of the individual often engaged in the work, starting from the actual needs of the decision package size, the principle is rather big, not big enough to be installed, small can not fit it. Cost-effective According to the economic strength of individuals, choose both to meet the needs, affordable and affordable package. How To Buy message bags message bags are not only a necessity for transporting your documents and all kinds of pieces, but also an important manifestation of your personal style. Its practicality is not better than a canvas backpack, parcel or kraft paper bag, but it looks like it can show your personality. Do not chase the trend. High-quality message bag should be durable, far from any trend can replace. Insist on choosing the most basic colors and styles. Soft, shoulder strap messenger bag is used more and more common. It is easy to carry and easy to hold. Although backpacking may wrinkle your suit, it is still the first choice when you work or work in a casual work environment. For older seniors who require academics to work or work as lawyers, the slightly obsolete message bag gives you an austere attitude; however, it can seem overly arrogant in the hands of young people. Just working young people should buy a new message bag, so that it will become more and more old with you after years of hard work. NEVER NEED NEW IN COLOR: Black and brown are the eternal colors of a message bag and match everything. With the increasing number of office accessories, you have to consider a variety of factors in your choice of message bag. Your bag may need to match your laptop.

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