Backpack is BACK! Carrying fashion

Time: 2017-12-07

Backpack is BACK! Carrying fashion

 Primary school was forced to carry school bags, one immediately dropped to secondary school filled with children's true backpack, put on the other proposed "tide" pocket money. Fashion is feng shui, always turns, old-fashioned things suddenly become the trend! I do not know why even the recent packs have started to rise! To be honest, I really feel ugly pockets! Even the most Top Model wearing, nor did I make a hint! Then, take a look at my primary school photos, my best friend is wearing that "cute" pockets, Sorry! Now you wear it again today, I really can not accept it. But there is a kind of "old fashioned" I very much welcome it back, that is, backpack. 

Many models will carry a backpack off duty, so backpack has become a trend. Backpack, really more convenient. Hand to take Coffee, the other hand can be crazy by phone! Therefore, the backpack is no longer a student's patent, and many celebrity blogs are in use! With the prevalence of sports style, the backpack has become the focus of the trend even more!  


When you travel, you will find the importance of Backpack. To choose a functional backpack, large enough capacity, you can put the computer, ghd curly hair, cosmetics, etc., are a good choice! Backpack practicality, giving a feeling of paste, but also increase the feeling of lively and young, we may wish to try ah!

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